Ryan Tounsley

I’d like to thank you for making such a great product available for my customers. I’ve used the ClearPlex film for years on my exotic car customers and they all love the product and appreciate the fact that they can keep their factory windshields looking like new on their prized possessions! Here’s an example of some of the cars we’ve done:

–Bugatti Veyron

–Ferrari Enzo

–Ferrari 458, 430, 360

–Porsche Carrera GT, Panamera, 991, 997

–McLaren MP4 and the F1

–Rolls Royce Ghost and Drophead Coupe


–Lamborghini Aventador, Murcielago, Gallardo

The list goes on and on and as you can see, the types of cars that love the product wouldn’t drive their cars as much as they do if they weren’t protected with the ClearPlex product.

We look forward to working with you and hope that the product keeps getting better and better.

—Ryan Tounsley
President, Protective Film Solutions, California & Arizona