Mike Roades

My first use with ClearPlex was on a 05 Ford GT (the supercar). This gentleman was a paint protection client and inquired about exterior windshield protection . . . he was in fear of breaking his windshield via rock chip etc., due to the fact he occasionally raced his car at the Spring Mountain track in Pahrump. He heard a rumor that his windshield to be replaced was somewhere between 2-3K, and that’s assuming he could find a qualified company to dismantle the front end of the body to access the shield, total nightmare according to him. So after his paint protection install, I, on my own free/generous will, told him I wanted to gain a bigger testimony of the ClearPlex film myself and I wanted to promo it out to his GT. I was new at the techniques, nonetheless, it took me about 2 hours and “whalla” it was done. Looked good, both of us were tickled to see where this would end up.

“Ring, ring, ring . . . “Hi Mike, guess what?” “A rock came flying at me and I actually ducked from it, the worst part, I wasn’t even at the track and on my way back to Havasu City” (home for him). Since he (his name also Mike) was just out of Pahrump, he B lined back here so we could inspect the damage. He had told me on the phone that by the sound and looks of the damaged film, the windshield was toast.

“Mike pulls up, I go out with a clean razor blade and kinda ice cream scoop around the damaged film as to make a circle. We were both like, oh my gosh, this sucks. Peel off the cut out, NO BREAK, so scaring. It was a bolder that slid into home plate! and was safe! He sighed in relief. Then, remember, I JUST DID THIS JOB less than 24hrs ago; “hey, ummm, we CAN’T leave this . . . ” Mike said.

“The rest is history.

“Of course, this was a story to support ClearPlex and the ending is typical to such support. BUT this film actually is a cure-all, especially for HIGH COST WINDSHIELD REPLACEMENTS and time down which costs my Semi truck buddy. I personally witnessed those meteor like rocks coming at my Silverado at 80 mph and nothing.”

“I am now very confident in dealing with the reality that ClearPlex works and my ability to put it on 32 vehicles. They were all different cars: a Ford GT (I did twice by the way), Lexus IS250, Ford Mustang, and an 89″ x 34″ windshield on a big rig, which I did outside and back rolled by myself.”

“I was able to charge the $450 (he insisted to pay by the way) I needed for the FORD GT, and only charged $400 for the semi and that took about 1 hour. My pricing is learned as I experience the level of difficulty per vehicle, and you don’t learn that overnight. Like all things in all business, we gotta break some eggs to make an omelet and we are all at different skill levels. I give a starting price of $350 on ALL cars, and tell the customer, it could be more, so beware. So I guess I created my own customer qualification by price alone. I educate all my interested customers on longevity, warranty, my testimony, my other customers testimonies, and warn them that this may not be for them if they want a cure all that lasts for EVER ( I let them know, eventually, probably 2-3 years down the road they MIGHT have to replace it do to wear and tear, like anything.)”

“By the way, the gouged windshield on my friends GT is no joke, it looked like he grabbed a brick and ran it up the windshield and then tore the film and pushed it up, I mean it looked like the windshield DID NOT HAVE A CHANCE of being ok. It was perfect underneath all the chaos that that road meteor inflicted.

—Mike Roades
Eco-Tint, Las Vegas, Nevada