Mark Jones

“One day after my ClearPlex film installation, I partook in a driving tour hosted by the 2017 Porsche Parade. The driving tour started in Spokane, WA and took the drivers up through the mountains to Coeur d’Alene, Idaho and back again. On the way back to the host hotel, while traveling eastbound on I-90, my 2015 Porsche GT-3 windshield was hit by a large rock. The rock hit so hard that it tore through the film, but did not result in any damage to the windshield. I had experienced a very similar situation in the past, when I did not have the ClearPlex protection, and that incident resulted in having to replace my windshield due to the rock strike. I am confident that without ClearPlex film, I would have had to replace another windshield. ClearPlex film definitely saved my windshield, and I will continue using the product on my current 2015 Porsche GT-3, as well as my other vehicles.”

—Mark Jones
Customer and Owner, 2015 Porsche GT-3