Mariano Gamurot

“As an installer that specializes in paint protection film, I was extremely intrigued when I first heard about ClearPlex film. For many years, my customers had asked me if there was a product that could protect their vehicles’ windshields. Prior to the introduction of ClearPlex film, I simply had nothing that I could offer them. Being that I offer a service that protects a vehicle’s paint, the next logical thing to protect is a vehicle’s windshield.

Once I was introduced to ClearPlex, I knew that it would be essential that I offer the product alongside PPF. I already had a customer base that was interested in protecting their vehicle’s paint, so I knew that they would also be interested in protecting their vehicle’s windshield. I was not mistaken. I have recently seen a surge in interest in ClearPlex film due to the increasing costs of windshields.

Almost all higher-end vehicles now have some sort of technology embedded in the windshield. This technology makes the cost of replacing windshields extremely high. When I talk to a customer and compare the cost of the ClearPlex installation vs. the cost of a windshield replacement (at least $1,000.00 on a high-end vehicle), it becomes a no-brainer for them. I have had a lot of success selling, installing, and promoting ClearPlex, and I will continue doing so.”

—Mariano Gamurot
Principal, CS Specialties, Northern California