Larry Neely

Every time I get the product in front of people/potential customers and demonstrate the “glass punch test” they are blown away. They cannot believe a film is able to absorb that much pressure and impact with keeping the glass from damage.

This product is innovative, easily installed with the right tools and best of all it works. I travel constantly in my work Sedan meeting new clients and I have been struck many times with absolutely no damage to my windshield. I have put ClearPlex on all my cars.

My wife who would never think of such a thing, feels so much safer now with our baby in the car with the ClearPlex Windshield Skins, especially since she had experienced a very hard impact from a large rock that made her jump up out of her seat. Again no damage.

As a Distributor, this product is a no brainer for companies dealing in Paint Protection Film installation, Windshield replacement, new car Dealerships and Fleet Companies.

Thank you for bringing us this product.

—Larry Neely
Operations Manager, PlexGlass Distributing